Thursday, April 19, 2007

Australian Science Fiction - Van Ikin

This contains

Introduction: The History of Australian Science Fiction • Van Ikin
The Monster Mine • P. G. M.
“Oo-a-deen”: or, The Mysteries of the Interior Unveiled • Anon
Human Repetends • Marcus Clarke
A Vision Out West • Barcroft Boake
Utopian Dreams from “Melbourne and Mars” • Joseph Fraser
The Red Sickness from The Germ Growers • Robert Potter
War from “Beyond the Ice” • G. Read Murphy
The Bunyip Dies from “The Last Lemurian” • G. Firth Scott
A Woman of Earth from “A Woman of Mars” • Mary Ann Moore-Bentley
The Invasion of Sydney from “The Coulored Conquest” • Rata
The Shadow Falls from “The Electric Gun” • Harold Johnson
Andax and Odi from “Out of the Silence” • Erle Cox
The Wreck of the Void from “Vandals of the Void” • James Morgan Walsh
Aubade from “Tomorrow and Tomorrow” • M. Barnard Eldershaw
Place of the Throwing-stick • Frank B. Bryning
Kelly Country • A. Bertram Chandler
One Way to Tomorrow • Wynne N. Whiteford
Re-deem the Time • David J. Lake
One Clay Foot • Jack Wodhams
In a Petri Dish Upstairs • George Turner
A Passage in Earth • Damien Broderick
Inhabiting the Interspaces • Philippa C. Maddern
The Gentle Basilisk • Dal Stivens
Limbo from “Displaced Person” • Lee Harding
The Words She Types • Michael Wilding
Report on the Shadow Industry • Peter Carey

This is really an indispensable book for those interested in the history of the genre in Australia, or in general. A compact, very nice book that is easy to read, and traces the history from early times to the 70s.

The bibliography in the back gives pointers to both earlier and later work.

I find myself pulling this out time and time again, and is the second copy I have owned.

5 out of 5

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