Thursday, March 29, 2007

If Angels Burn - Lynn Viehl

Yes, it seems vampires get sloppy with their spelling over the centuries to come up with a silly name for themselves.

A plastic surgeon is tapped by one of them to help out in the way plastic surgeons do, for someone that is in a bad way.

Female doctor, male head vampire, biting, bleeding, eventual shagging, you get the picture.
Doctor thinks the whole condition, after she gets it, might be some sort of disease, not the 'we are bad and got cursed' mindset that they have.

There is also a group of priests dedicated to fighting the fangers, but they don't seem to have much luck, and their history is apparently a bit of a fib as the vamps were the Templars, not them!

A bit of slaughtering happens.

A fairly average vampire novel, lighter on the mushy mushy than some, and Viehl calls a spade a shovel in that respect, not a 'manly digging implement'.

3 out of 5

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