Friday, March 30, 2007

Dredd vs Death - Gordon Rennie

Supposedly this is based on a game story, so either that is really good, or Rennie, being a Dredd expert, has just done a fine job.

Dredd, Anderson and Giant are all here.

So is EverPet, a pet revivification company. This is very nasty. Not quite as nasty as the Dark Judges, though.

Death has found a weakness in one of the Psi-Judges on guard rotation, and is exploiting it.

This leads to a rise in the Church of Death, and an outbreak of vampirism via retrovirus. As such, Chief Judge Hershey is inclined to believe Anderson's precog warning.

Now, the senior Judges have to try and stop this before the bodycount gets to sixty million like in a previous encounter.

Clooney Memorial is struggling enough as it is.

A very well done Dredd book.

4 out of 5

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