Thursday, March 29, 2007

Conan of Aquilonia - L. Sprague De Camp and Lin Carter

This is a volume of stories by De Camp and Carter only.

The Witch of the Mists
Black Sphinx of Nebthu
Red Moon of Zembabwei
Shadows in the Skull

Conan is out with Prospero in the Border Kingdoms, along with his son. The latter runs into the Witchmen of Hyperborea, which is not so good. Dad does manage to find both him, and Thoth-Amon after Conn gives him some information.

3 out of 5

King Conan is on the move, looking for the black wizard Thoth-Amon. Chabela also makes a cameo appearance.

Luckily for Conan, when the magic goes down, he has a White Druid who has tapped into the heart of Ahriman by his side. Especially handy when big black monsters appear.

3 out of 5

King Conan, Count Trocero and forces are still pushing on against the Stygians.

A raid by wyverns, though, leads to the capture of Conan and his son by a Zembabweian ally of Thoth-Amon's.

Conan needs help to get out of an enchanted prison cell situation.

2.5 out of 5

The final confrontation between Conan and the sorceror Thoth-Amon.

Some divination in Zembabwei leads Conan and his forces to seek out the Great Stone Skull. He is assisted in this endeavour by Nzinga of the Amazons.

A dragon waylays them, and Prince Conn ends up in the lair of a serpent girl, but realises her seduction in time.

Conan and company, as Kull before him, go down to put an end to the worshippers of the Slithering God.

3.5 out of 5

3 out of 5

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