Wednesday, March 28, 2007

The Boosted Man - Kenneth Bulmer

This is pretty bad, but some of the lines are so silly that it improves it as far as entertainment goes.

At the start, a nasty plague is turning people into fungus, Hook escapes into a ship and saves some others, abusing them all the way. Womb-regurgitant idiot being his favorite, it seems.

He is still not a fan of the Boosted Men, or Novamen as they call themselves, literally kicking the head in of one of them. That means "in death, the Boosted Man took his own personal superpowers with him."

The planet he ends up on has the Boosted Men using hypnotic conditioning to make workers docile and think they are living in luxury, not slavery, while working on a Boosted Women project.

Hook has other plans.

"He didn't like smashing things up -- well, not ordinary things belong to ordinary people. He'd smash up everything he could belonging to the Novamen."

Enough bits like that in the book to make you chuckle.

2 out of 5

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