Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Hal Spacejock : Just Desserts - Simon Haynes

There once was a robot named Clunk
His old boss more than a skunk
With Spacejock sent flying
Quite often near dying
Right now he would rather be drunk

Ok, bad limericks aside, I read the third Spacejock book because my slowpoke spousal unit still has her mitts on book 2.

To readers, though, the book happily stands alone.

Again, Hal takes on the odd job with less than a picosecond's consideration, or even the ability to consider for a picosecond, what really might be going on.

Female assassin androids, Mercs 'R Us and more get involved in this tale of corporate skullduggery and Spacejock tomfoolery.

I, like Hal, have also given up on those useless coffee makers.

Anyway, although I will rate them the same, I think this book is more polished than the first. The story is more evenly entertaining, less of the outright hilarity to flat spot segues that could be found in the first book. Not that there is anything wrong with outright hilarity, of course.

More use of unexpected missiles, and again, quite a lot of fun.

4 out of 5

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