Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Stranger To the Sun - Jeff Marriotte

Wesley ends up comatose after opening a package with a magical powder payload designed for angel.
In an odd interlude, Wesley appears to be back in time, stuck in a mine cave-in involving his great grandfather.

A vampire closing on 200 years old displays a lack of astronomical teaching in his youth when he concocts a magic spell to tilt the planet on its axis and make one half daylight, and one half night, which supposedly somehow lets vampires rule the world.

Ok, yep, he is stupid. His cronies fight ok though, and it is rough work for Angel, Gunn, and crew, and Cordelia makes up the magical research as she goes along, concocting a vile potion.

"You do all that stuff," Gunn said. "Fight crime, right wrongs, the whole bit. YOu think maybe it'd be easier if you traded in the black duster, got some kind of costumer, maybe a scary-ass name like Dark Avnger or The Stomper or something? Because, as names go, I'm sorry, man, but Angel ain't all that scary."

Marriotte is definitely good with the references.

3 out of 5

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