Thursday, January 25, 2007

Last Rites (Graphic Audio Production) - Will Murray

This is another Graphic Audio book that I have not read in novel form, so can't say if it is any different. I have read around three other Destroyer novels, and this is considerably better.

The riff on Chiun is like McDowell from the excruciatingly bad movie, but actually decent. Here, Remo is at the height of his powers, and more interested in a personal issue, finding his father.

The bitterness of the few early books is not in existence here, as it takes a look at his background, and he basically undergoes the Twelve Labours of Hercules. Chiun's twelve labors are pretty low rent, though, which is very funny. His sphinx is a statue, his hind of arcadia is your garden variety moose, as his Cerberus is a urinating hiding mafioso and his three Rhodesian ridgebacks.

Very entertaining. The Remo actor does quite well, fending off stewardesses, putting up with annoying Sinanju masters, and looking for his dead. This one had me laughing at times as it spoofed all sorts of stuff.

I had not really liked what I had read of the Destroyer much so far, but if gets funnier like this later on, I am looking forward to it.

This was a good quality production, from the actors, to the moose and crazy machine gunning, to the narrated backstory.

4 out of 5

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