Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Killswitch - Joel Shepherd

Tanusha and Callay are moving to make themselves more important politically, and less reliant on old earth based power structures. The more conservative elements of that power base are not overly happy about this.

This will mean a lot of work for Sandy and her special forces, including her friend Vanessa Rice, who is in love with her. Unfortunately for Vanessa, Sandy is straight.

Sandy and Tanusha have to deal with the League, other military, and a couple of old acquaintances and friends of similar manufacture.

Sandy also has another problem, in that the League has a weapon to use against her, a technical means to stop her called a Killswitch. Being a GI, they would like to turn her off.

A top class series in that the quality is consistently high through all three books, and should appeal to a lot of people, I think, given each book is as good as the one before it.

Military, spooks, tech, superhuman abilities, politics, bad jokes and great takeaway food, and some great characters, what more can you want?

4 out of 5

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