Friday, December 22, 2006

The Janson Directive - Robert Ludlum

Another dense spy thriller. Paul Jason was a SEAL, and then a Consular Operations assassin, basically. He left the SEALs after being tortured in Vietnam, and reporting his boss for being a sadistic killer. Having left, he is pulled back in when a philanthropist's assistant asks him for help to save her boss.

He owes him, so he agrees. Rescuing them, he puts them on a plane, which is destroyed.

Then he discovers his old employers, and others are out to get him, having sent a elite sniper team, among others.

He then discovers Peter Novak, the man he thought was dead, is still alive, and his old bosses want to talk. He also falls in love with one of the sniper team out to get him, who begins to believe his side of the story.

He discovers an operation of incredible hubris that comes right from the top of the USA, and can't believe their stupidity. He hatches a plan to stop it, using the UN.

Solid, draws you in, and some good twists and turns in the story.

3.5 out of 5

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