Thursday, December 28, 2006

The Eternal Champion : Tale of the Eternal Champion Volume 2 - Michael Moorcock

An omnibus edition from Millenium, subtitled The Tale of the Eternal Champion Volume 2.

It contains The Eternal Champion, Phoenix in Obsidian and The Dragon in the Sword.

The Eternal Champion

A human man, John Daker, has troubling dreams. He discovers that he is an incarnation of the Eternal Champion, and his name is Erekose.

Erekose and his great sword is to be the key figure in a war between the humans and the alien Eldren, but what Erekose has to work out, is humanity who he should really be fighting to save?

5 out of 5

Phoenix In Obsidian

Also called the Silver Warriors, Erekose made his choice, and fought against humanity. With them destroyed, he has no choice but to find solace with the Eldren.

There is no rest for the Eternal Champion though, and again he changes, Urlik Skarsol is now Erekose and Erekose is Urlik, prince of the Southern Ice. He just wants to get back to his lover, but fate has other plans.

He also now has the Black Sword, the stealer of souls, and it has much work to do before Erekose can rest.

4.5 out of 5

The Dragon In the Sword

John Daker is Erekose is The Eternal Champion, again. After all the heroics and adventuring through countless lifetimes and incarnations he is weary, and just wants to get back to his Eldren princess Ermizhad and lead the quiet life.

Something nags at him, in his mind, a name, another Eternal Champion, but he doesn't know that name. A mystery that will not let him rest and retire fromt he cycle of the Eternal Champion.

5 out of 5

5 out of 5

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