Friday, December 22, 2006

The English Assassin - Daniel Silva

A Library Journal quote on the back of this suggest unrelenting action. Complete crap. Matthew Reilly is unrelenting action, Robert Ludlum could lay some claim to that, too.

There is almost more describing of picnic lunches and wine bars than action, in this book. It is a spy novel, with the odd assassination, kidnapping and a couple of scenes of tortue and interrogation near the end.

A story about an Israeli intelligence agent, who works in the art world, he tries to get back some art works that have come to light, stolen from his people by the nazis with the assistance of the Swiss.

He runs into an English acquaintance who is a professional assassin, working at odds to him. The Englishman bows out when he finds out what he is working on.

In some ways, barely even a thriller at all, it is just a spy novel.

3 out of 5

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