Friday, December 29, 2006

Endangered Species - Nancy Holder

A married couple like hunting, and move on to bigger and bigger game, like monsters, and vampires. The wife makes a mistake, and becomes a vampire. This puts a damper on their relationship.

The husband contacts Angel when he learns of a plot to bring back the original vampire, a plan of the queen bitch vamp that turned his wife.

Said wife does a deal with Wolfram and Hart to get Faith out of the slammer, to have their own little Slayerfest. Wesley and Gunn end up along for the festivities, and Cordelia is part of the raise the beast sacrifice plans, because of her Seer abilities.

Angel contacts a kahuna he knew when he was trying to lose his soul, for some magical help, and soon there are menehune, monsters, Champions and crew all over the place.

One fun quote too, about Cordelia :

"...sprang into action. Like that chick on Witchblade, she mader her weapon seem like an extension of her arm as she lunged, parried, and whacked the hell out of one of the columns in the basement."

3.5 out of 5

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