Saturday, December 30, 2006

Armageddon's Children - Terry Brooks

Nest Freemark is dead, and some considerable time has passed. John Ross' visions have come true, and lone stray compunds of humans try and hold off the demons and once-men, and fail.

Few Knights of the Word yet live, but two are in this book, both chosen by Two Bears, who is still around, as is the demon Findo Gask.

Logan Tom is one, and Angel Perez is another. The Lady has tasked Logan to protect the gypsy moth, who, it seems, is now a boy again and the leader of a ragtag band of kids in Seattle called the Ghosts. The Lady sends a Tatterdemalion to Angel to give her another task.

"There are Elves in the world, Angel Perez. There have always been Elves in the world, even before there were humans."

Angel is tasked to find an Elfstone.

In two interludes in the book, Elves actually appear, a band of Chosen, protectors of a magic tree, also need to find an Elfstone to save the tree and its heritage. There are mentions of humans and demons in this interlude, so quite possibly this is going on at the same time.

Tom finds Hawk, the boy who is the gypsy moth, but he is going to be executed for stealing medical supplies. The boy realises he is something strange after healing his mortally wounded guard dog, and Tom showing him the bones of his mother Nest's hands.

Quite similar to the earlier trilogy, but postapocalyptic with Elves. If you can call that similar, but similar in tone, and maybe a bit more interesting.

Ends in a cliffhanger as Hawk and his girlfriend are thrown off a sports stadium wall, the favored execution method for the people that desperately defend this sports stadium.

3.5 out of 5

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