Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Unnatural Selection - Tim Lebbon

Not as dark as the last book, this is more of an action story. In a big way! Liz has to fight a Phoenix, Hellboy gets dumped by a dragon, and Abe turns crocodile hunter, where crocodiles have heads like four wheel drives.

It gets worse, too, as the beasties start appearing in groups.

An old scientist magician the BPRD was keeping track of has been using an ancient mystical tome to bring back the 'Memory' of ancient beasts.

Partly this is for revenge, as a government agency had his wife assassinated, and partly for environmentalist reasons, as Dragons don't pollute like planes.

A kraken takes out a cruise ship, mermaids a beach, a flight of dragons an airport. The BPRD have to find his base, and stop him - with the help of a werewolf that is one of his escaped creations.

The target of their attack is a global summit of world leaders in London.

The politicians of course don't believe or trust Hellboy, so he is inclined to go help ordinary people first, but the BPRD bosses talk him round into trying to save the day.

3.5 out of 5

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