Friday, November 24, 2006

Twilight of the Gods - Clark Darlton

Desperate for a way to get to Rhodan, the military alliance on Earth figures the only way to get to him is from undernearth, by drilling up and nuking him.

However, The Third Power are gaining abilities, and allies. Khrest uses a mind teaching machine to raise both Rhodan and Bell to somewhere near his own intelligence level. This also gives them hypnotism abilities.

Things are developing outside, and we are introduced, literally, to some X-Men. People with mutations caused by rising atomic radiation levels after World War II.

Those in the espionage community sympathetic to Rhodan's cause continue to help him surreptitiously.

John Marshall, a telepath, joins Rhodan, who ventures outside The Third Power, with a personal forcefield.

It appears that Allan Mercant, the head of International Intelligence, is an empath. Useful, for a spy.

Anne Sloane is a telekinetic, the various governments have recruited her to get to Rhodan, as she looks like one his dead crew's wife.

Ras Tschubai is a teleporter, as is Tako Takuta, who is involved with the team attacking Rhodan from below. He is instrumental in warning them, so Thora can defeat the attack technologically.

There, this story ends.

3.5 out of 5

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