Wednesday, November 29, 2006

The Transition of Titus Crow - Brian Lumley

This is a grand, sweeping work, it perhaps suffers from being disjointed. However, that is deliberate, as a lot of the narrative is told under the artifice of 'recovered audio cassettes and papers' from what remained of Miskatonic University after The Fury unleashed by Cthulhu levelled it.

Henri de Marigny returns from travelling via the four dimension clock with Crow, but Crow does not appear with him, and when he wakes up in hospital, it is ten years later.

Eventually, with the aid of Mother Quarry, he realises Crow's plight, and aids him in his return.

Crow and the audio fragments and papers recount to Marigny, while in hospital and talking to him, what went on.

Titus has returned looking 25 years younger, and is a post human now. A robot intelligence rebuilt his body in android form, he has a mastery of time and space travel and mental powers beyond the minor telepathies he employed before.

He has travelled through all earth's times, to alien galaxies, and alien places, and taken a fated alien lover, and met one of the 'good' Elder Gods. Not to mention cavorting with lisping dragons with Hawkman anti-gravity harnesses. The Hounds of Tindalos have been pursuing him, as have elements of Cthulhu and Hastur, but his now developed abilities enable him to avoid being killed, or pulled into black holes, even.

All this in fragments, through a short book. A transitional information phase almost, and what is unfolded here may be too rapid and overloaded for some people to want to keep up with.

Crow takes off again, leaving de Marigny behind, with the devices and guidance to undertake a journey similar to that Crow has undergone.

The form of the novel is a hybrid type version of The Time Machine and The Dream Quest of Unknown Kadath, with a dash of Burroughs or Moorcock.

2.5 out of 5

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