Monday, November 27, 2006

To Stalk a Specter - Simon Hawke

Where Captured by the Engines is a horror novel, this is a thriller, as Batman plays Bat and Mouse with an assassin, or more like big ugly nasty rat than mouse.

Specter is an international assassin of spectacular success. No one can catch him. He is hired to deal with an informer who is a key witness at trial to put away a South American crimelord.

The first part of a book deal with some police and FBI politics, and recaps Batman Year One.

The rest is the law enforcement types desperately trying to find this man Specter. Batman kidnaps the witness to keep her safe in the Batcave, and calls for help from people he has saved in the past, taxi drivers, an Asian citizen vigilante group, his sensei, and others.

This allows the good guys to catch a break.

Specter, however, as well as blowing people up to cause chaos is hunting Batman.

This ends in a confrontation, and the female witness is involved.

3 out of 5

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