Wednesday, November 29, 2006

That Hideous Strength - C. S. Lewis

Try and do a Jules Verne type story. Take the fun and adventure out. Make it boring and unappealing. Voila. You have C.S. Lewis's planet trilogy. This is a textbook case of how to not do a planetary romance type tale, but rather than philosophical mouthpieces rambling on, crying out for you to close the book.

1 out of 5


Anonymous said...

Make sure you read the UNABRIDGED version first of all. I enjoyed the descriptions of the walk through the college to the well, the train journey through small, obscure, railway stations and the inside of an English country pub. It is a book that grows on you with so many insights. The ending of Belbury seemed over too quickly and the idea of a worldwide organisation somehow doesn't come over.

Blue Tyson said...

Unfortunately, I did. :)

Pubs are often fun, though, but I'd only read these again if someone paid me.