Saturday, November 25, 2006

Prophecies - Christopher Golden

Having the usual problems juggling uni and slayage, Buffy comes across some odd vampires on patrol. Tattoos of bats on their faces, they seem to drain energy, work together, and run away.

With some research help they discover the existence of a bat god named Camazotz, who uses these special vampires, called Kazchiquels, as servants.

Trying to discover what is happening, Willow summons Lucy Hanover, the ghost of a slayer, who brings with her The Prophet - when she possesses Buffy, she is sucked into what seems to be the futre, is several years older, and is in prison.

A girl is thrown into a cell with her, and tells her Faith has just been captured, as well, so with no Slayers free, the new girl, August, needs to kill Buffy to activate a new Slayer to stop Camazotz's rule spreading.

3 out of 5

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