Monday, November 27, 2006

House of Walking Corpses - Robert J. Hogan

The Key
The Doctor
The Bishop

Six supposedly unindentifiable men, at least after The Doctor finishes removing their fingerprints, in this book.

Here we have a Haitian zombie type plot, but with Mayan Indians, and a wealthy American salad err... family, the Waldorfs, involved.

After a senior Waldorf is found dead with a strange black mark on his throat, The Secret Six get involved.

There is of course a good looking daughter for King to flirt with, who happens to be a capable pilot.

Off they go to the Yucatan to find out what is going on, after they realise Waldorf the senior is not dead, but under the influence of either Black Magic, or something else no-one knows about.

Captures, brushes with human sacrifice, violence, and other fun and games with artificial bat monsters ensue.

The rotter behind it all, of course, is one of the salads.

2.5 out of 5

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