Monday, November 27, 2006

Hands In the Dark - Maxwell Grant

A racketeering mystery at the heart of this. Who is forcing multiple
industries into price fixing and paying protection? The latest target
appears to be the Theatre Industry, and it so happens Lamont Cranston has investments here.

The Shadow is also creeping around, attempting to find out what is happening, by both guild and action.

To this end, he recruits an agent, Cliff Marsland, a man just out of
Sing Sing for what is probably a crime he was not guilty of. Using his
charm, he befriends Killer Durgen's moll, and gains valuable

Cranston is also busy investigating, and towards the end, bullets
start flying, as the muscle for the racketeers get involved, along with
Durgen, The Shadow and Marsland.

The very last part is even more frantic. All in all, an excellent adventure.

3 out of 5

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