Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Galactic Alarm - Kurt Mahr

Perry sends Tako Kakuta, the incredible mutant teleporter, to try and make a covert and identity unrevealed deal for a lot of the parts needed to make the Arkonides a ship that is capable of returning home, while Rhodan himself travels with Khrest to the Moon to see what is salvageable from the Arkonide tech there.

The intelligence enhancing treatments on Bell and Rhodan continue in the meantime, and they discover they were crazily dangerous, but, of course, work, to a level not realised - the two Terrans now point out some errors in spaceflight technology, allowing hyperspace travel improvements.

A recalcitrant Thora is still causing problems, and sets off an alert that allows aliens to discover where they are, and leads them to Earth. This forces Rhodan to contact the head of International Intelligence at great risk to himself. Being an intelligent and pragmatic empath powered spy, Marcant believes him, and sets out to broker a hasty deal between the major Terran political entities and the Third Power.

After destroying the alien threat, mistakes cause the problem to repeat, forcing the uneasy alliance to continue for the protection of Earth.

Thora realises now that Rhodan and Bell at least are worthy of respect, and while she still won't deign to shag the former (even though everyone can tell she wants to, even Perry, who uses it to manipulate her somewhat), will not cause further problems.

Tako's mission is no longer necessary in the same way.

Starting slowly as corporate intrigue, as the various corporations and Tako manoeuvre, this one packs it in during the latter half of the book!

3.5 out of 5

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