Monday, November 27, 2006

Dragon's Fists - Jim Dennis

Some good kung fu action. However, here, Dragon is less of a mystery figure, but more of a bored dilettante that suddenly became unbored when he tried to nick an artifact from a guru, who, of course, then made him look silly. Quite brutal. Definitely not one for the women in refrigerators crowd, although, of course, it was written in the early 70s. Also, hilariously, there is an almost-Bruce Lee on the cover, presumably meant to be the hereo. Dragon is white, his enemy in this is Swiss, his best friend is black, and the Japanese woman who he is trying to rescue in the novel is presumably meant to be the underwear clas unconscious white woman on the front?

Flashbacks abound, obviously meant to be a setup for further books. They were not quite sure where to take it - kick arse comic book action, world weary, nihilistic action junkie, etc. Hence, no more books. It certainly didn't deserve it.

One of those 170 pages stretched double spaced types. too.

1.5 out of 5

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