Wednesday, November 29, 2006

The Dragon Lensman - David A. Kyle

The Dragon Lensman, is, of course, Worsel of Velantia. David Kyle apparently was a friend of Doc Smith's and had had discussions about possible future Lensman story directions, and eventually these were published.

Worsel, at the start, is investigating some strange leftover machine intelligences, to find out if they are sentient. At this stage you aer wondering if you are reading a Lensman book, as he enters into somewhat of a theological discussion with one of them.

Some afterwards though, a young lensman is in trouble in space, his ship is attacked, and the space axes come out while fighting a rearguard action.

Worsel helps out here, and there is more to come. Another young Lensman with advanced power in the elector-psychic realm appears, as does the existence of a cyborg Lensman.

Attacked by a bunch space robots, Kinnison and the fleet turn up to help, and there is a Boskonian influence.

A young Lensman is actually a girl, and she is the key to finding what may be their worst nightmare, a Black Lensman. The situation is crucial enough even Mentor makes an appearance.

What starts as a scientific expedition ends in another Lensman style adventure, so that is ok.

3 out of 5

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