Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Blood and Fog - Nancy Holder

This one is pretty full on. Quite a bit more of the horror feel about this. Jack the Ripper is actually a Sidhe half-breed, son of a Tuatha de Danan and a Fohmoire. Jack himself is crazy, and wants to be a god. Spike has run into him before, and seen a Slayer die, when Jack was involved. There are more flashbacks here to the 'bad' vampire quartet roaming around London.

All sorts of crazy stuff happens in a battle at the end where Buffy goes all blind monk warrior.

A few good quips, too :-

..."it was a tall, thin man, bluish white, with blond hair and blue yes.
"Look. It's Elric," Buffy quipped, then looked at Tara's puzzled expression and said, "Xander loved those books in high school."


"...row upon row of Tuathan warriors yodeled high and shrill, a cross between Xena and something scary, fierece, and deadly--okay, like Xena--..."

3.5 out of 5

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