Monday, November 27, 2006

The Bat Staffel - Robert J. Hogan

Imagine if Biggles was American. Ok, well, not quite that cheesy, but certainly in the 'hey chaps, let's go blow the shit out of some jerries', world war one style.

Replace the british slang with American, and there you go. G-8 is a combination of Biggles and James Bond, and a master of disguise.

The opening scene could be from a Bond movie, he infiltrates a German science facility to get to a scientist to find out what he is working on, and how to stop it. Giant bat monsters with disintegration breath, it seems, even if it is mechanical.

After an escape worthy of Dr Nikola, he gets a hand from two Spad pilots that he teams up with later, one a magician, one a half-back, in the American football sense.

The evil plot must be stopped, to stop many Frenchies being disintegrated! Top notch fun, with complete with an acerbic butler type, so a little tongue in cheek, at times, as well.

4 out of 5

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