Thursday, November 23, 2006

After The Dark - Max Allan Collins

Max Guevera, mayor? Seems unlikely, but the defactor head of Terminal City is what she has become, it appears. She is also a big fan of Jonathon Swift.

Things start looking up, as the serial killer in the last episode, a shapeshifter, actually ended up taking out Logan's virus.

However, a gang then kidnaps Logan, and things go crazy.

It seems that the problem with centuries-spanning breeding cults, is, well, that they are a cult. Made up of people. With politics, power plays, etc.

The transgenics do not have this issue, and are able to use factional splits, and even Ames White, via his missing son, to cause a lot of problems for the Familiars.

Freaky prophecies about comets bringing death plagues are perhaps not too likely, either, they should keep in mind for the future.

A fun book.

4 out of 5

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